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Compassion, care, and playfulness (fun-loving) are the best qualities of a dog owner. This explains why you always felt that you have a friendship connection and a parental bond with your dog. At Three Dog Knight, we understand that the above qualities you have are the reason you can only give your dog out to a dog walker or facility that understands the way you care for your dog.


Guess what? We have been in love with dogs for more than 20 years. For us, it is beyond the business but an opportunity to reach out to dogs that need all the love, care, and fun that they can get.Three Dog Knights, you are now part of a family that has 20 years of experience, so you know
your pet is in great hands. We are the best NYC dog walker and best dog boarding NYC.


Does your dog need a fun-walk to a favorite destination or a casual stroll to a neighborhood store or maybe a dog run on an open field? We have you covered with our experienced, full-time dog walkers and best nyc petsitter. Our clients have seen our compassion thus rated us best Upper West Side dog walker.


Dog walking and care have always come naturally to us because of our love for dogs. We started by caring for homeless dogs and providing them with much attention, exercise and fun. We might be the dog walking agency that you are looking for near you.


Today, we have the benefit of caring, walking, and reaching dogs as personal friends through our exciting dog walking services. We can help you give your dog the loveliest trips and give you peace of mind while your dog is out. We provide affordable dog boarding services as well to meet your needs
while you are on the go.


Above all, we can be that new friend your lovely dog ever craved for.
What Services Do We Provide?


The old saying goes, “Variety is the spice of life”. We offer many exciting services that your dog would love and cherish. They are services also flexible to your routine. Here, have a glimpse:


 Dog Walking: This is our first and most prominent service at Three Dog Knight. We have dedicated dog walkers with in-depth knowledge and skill in the art of best dog walking. We provide several dog exercises, play, fun games, and other activities for your dog during the dog walk. With us, dog walk can
never be boring or out of control. We have skilled but loving dog walkers. Our agency has the best uws petsitter that take care of your dog like their own. Dog walking agency have become very commercial in walking or boarding your dog we still have our feet on the ground.


Dog Boarding: We understand that you may have emergencies, health concerns or trips to take and you need professionals who genuinely care for dogs to keep your dog. You can trust us as we will do a fine job to keep your dog fresh, agile, and rested. We have extensive modern facilities to help your dog get a comfortable stay through the night. No crates (unless you desire) at all, just cozy dog-sized beds for your dog only. Looking for a dog day boarding near you? Contact us today.


In walking your dog, we can be very flexible with your timing and stick to schedules to ensure a smooth flow. We just never say “NO”. No matter what the hour, the day, or the weather. We take pride in being prompt and reliable. We always show up; no excuses, no small print, no restrictions apply.


Do you want to have a dog walker during the day or night? Just say the word and we will be right there, ready to fulfill your requests.

We do not practice “Pack-Walk”. The best we can take on a single walk is two or three compatible dogs. But we can also give your dog an exclusive walk if you so desire. Hire a Dog walker so your dog can start getting the health and mental benefits.


How Do We Work?

You can request any of our dog walking and dog boarding services through our website and we will be with you in a very short time or on the time slated for schedule. We do morning walks, day-time walks and even evening strolls near you.


We have several local dog walkers who can come and pick up your dogs on schedule and bring them home just at the time you want your dog. To ensure that your dog does not lose his or her friend to another dog across the street, we always try our best to send the same dog walker to pick up your dog for an exciting day or night walk.


Your dog doesn’t deserve to lose sleep even for a single night. Rest and sleep are as important to dogs as it is to humans.

You can drop your dogs with us at a moment’s notice for affordable dog boarding. But it will be best to call ahead to reserve a space for the night. Do you also want a daily dog boarding facility with a loving and professional staff team? You can be assured that we are ready to give your dog the best overnight experience.


Our services for Daily dog boarding and dog walking are around the clock and you can never miss us not even for a single moment.

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