Do I have to pay you for a minimum number of walks per week?

We give you complete freedom of choice. There are no minimums, no extra charges, etc. This means you can request a walk twice a day, once a week, or once in a lifetime. It's entirely up to you.

Are there any breeds, ages or personality type that you won’t consider as clients?

As we stated before, we are capable and experienced in dealing with “Any Dog – Big ones, Puppies, Nut Cases and anything in between”.

Can you handle last minute changes, like an additional walk or even a sudden cancellation?

We can usually handle last-minute walks. To be absolutely sure, though, it's best to reserve in advance. We understand that situations arise that can't be anticipated, but to avoid a walking charge, please let us know about a cancellation by midnight of the day before your dog scheduled to walk.

What makes your dog walking service, special?

First and foremost, each of our walkers has to be completely, absolutely, totally crazy about dogs. They have to demonstrate capability to deal, understand and communicate with dogs of variety of breeds, sizes, ages and temperaments. They must be dedicated to making their time with your dog the best time your dog will have all day. They are trained to recognize when a dog is in any pain, distress or discomfort, and to report even the slightest change or difference in behavior back to you. They will never, ever!!!— not even for a moment— leave your dog unattended. Of course, each walker has to supply references and be responsible, reliable, punctual, in excellent physical shape and completely professional.

Do you give your dog walkers any special instructions?

Yes. They are told to always to keep your dog on a short leash on the streets of Manhattan. This is for your dog's own safety, to prevent accidents with bicyclists, rollerblades and strollers, and as a courtesy to other pedestrians. The dogs are allowed to be off leash ONLY at home or in the dog run.

What would my dog do while on a walk with you?

Dogs need stimulation through exercise and play. During a walk, our mission is to give your dog an outlet for using his or her energy. We playfully do the best we can to exhaust your dog so he or she returns home contented. In fact, if you visit a dog-run, you can recognize our walkers. They are the ones playing with the dogs. They are the ones who are always around to closely supervise the play time so that rough play and wrestling never escalates into a fight, or making sure the dogs are not eating "stuff". Our walkers are the ones who stubbornly insist on banning the benches, refusing to let the walking time go to waste.

Would it be the same walker everyday?

Every dog has its own main woman (or man) plus another one, in case the main person is sick, is on vacation etc.

What do you do on rainy days or during other weather extremes?

It's totally up to you and your dog. If your dog loves the rain, snow or cold weather, we carry on as usual. We carry full rain gear (waterproof boots, umbrellas, etc.) and try to make a walk in even the worst Manhattan weather a fun experience. If your dogs is uncomfortable or isn't suited to certain weather conditions, we'll take it for a short "relief" walk around the block, and then spend the rest of the walking session playing at home.

Do you cover any areas besides Manhattan's Upper West Side?

No. We intentionally focus the walking service* to only on the Upper West Side of Manhattan (W. 59th to W. 110th). This allows us to run a super-efficient service as our customers are located near each other, meaning that we have more time taking care of your dog and less time traveling between neighborhoods. * We, however, board from anywhere dogs. Be it from Albany, Alabama or Albania.

Are you insured and bonded?

Yes. We are fully insured by Landmark Insurance, and bonded by Travelers Insurance.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, we do. We offer a 20% Discount off of all our ongoing walking rates, for the first six months,if you adopted your dog from a shelter or a pet rescue organization.

-Our Referral Discount is a $2.00 reduction in your own dog-walking rate, each time you refer a new (canine) friend to us, that results in an ongoing walking job (for as long as the referred dog uses our walking service).

-Our Two-Doggies-In-a-Building Discount provides you with a 50% reduction in your rates if you refer a dog whose lives in your building, and we can walk both together at the same time, for the same length of time.

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