I have never had much trust in the “Testimonial” part of advertisements. The vast majority of them, either on websites or in every piece of junk mail, are (or at least looks) unreal and made up, and, as a result, loses its credibility and my desire to connect or engage with its advertiser. Hence, when a web designer / copywriter suggested putting up a “Testimonial” page, I was very skeptical. “It is all fake, no one takes it seriously” I said. Then, I thought; I’ll wait and see the kind of “comments” I could get from my clients, and make a decision whether to create this page or not, based on authentic looks and feel these comments put across. Here are the results:

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Adi and his team have been walking Xena daily for more than two years and they can be counted on to be there day or night and to take extra special care of your pooch."  - Lynne

Max and I trust our two dogs to Adi and his staff for multiple walks 5 days a week. We know the dogs are safe and content in their care, no matter what. And that peace of mind has been what's mattered most to us for the 5 years we've worked with him.  - Max & Lois, West 96th Street

Adi, You are welcome to add me to your list of VERY satisfied customers.  You can use my name/Oreo's or anything else.  I know I have not been in the city for the past several months, but Oreo and I will be back in September.  I rented my apt out and I know Oreo and I both miss nyc.  You will be one of the first we will officially notify when we come back. Hope you are doing well, we miss you! - Marianne & Oreo.

Adi has been taking care of my beautiful lab, Sammy, for the past five years. I live by Central Park and have encountered many dog walkers and I have never met one who loves and cares for the dogs like he does. Adi takes all his dogs out for long, fun walks. He plays with them, talks to them, trains them and most of all sincerely loves them. He treats his “clients” as if they were his own and they absolutely love him. There are very few in this world that I would entrust my dog to. Adi is the one. I trust him completely and so does my girl, Sammy.

Adi of Three Dog Knight has been boarding my dog Dezy for 3 years. He is incredibly reliable and Dezy loves him and is always happy to see him. Dezy comes home happy and healthy. He has routinely given my dog her medication when needed and follows through with all directions. I have peace of mind when I travel because I know Dezy will be happy and well cared for. - Penni H.

For four years, day in and day out, Adi and the crew at three dog knight have been caring for my dog - walking her and keeping her lots of countless nights and weekends. Often on very short notice. I never worry as I know she is always being cared for with love and kindness. I couldn't have kept my dog through my residency without their help. They are the best!!! - Meg's Human

Let me say that I'll gladly recommend your service to any dog owner who would like to use a dependable, friendly and knowledgeable dog handler. Bailey, your boxer and his owner. - Adrian

Adi  is absolutely reliable and absolutely kind to my dog and cares for him as well as I do-better in fact. He's been walking Pepper for more than 3 years and has occasionally boarded him. My dog loves him and his crew and is always delighted to see them- and they are delighted to see him. - Renee, owner of Pepper.

Adi has change my life and my dog Daphne's as well. Before we met him I was afraid to go away for the weekend or even an evening. Daphne is not an easy dog and she is a large German Shepherd - Adi knew exactly how to approach her and she loves him. I trust him completely and he is always there when I need him - even on short notice. He is simply the best. - Brenda B.

Our dog Aiden absolutely loves Adi from THREE DOG KNIGHT. When we run into Adi in the neighborhood, Aiden jumps into his arms, he is so happy to see him. We have used Adi's services for walking AND boarding and could not recommend THREE DOG KNIGHT more highly. - Erica & Brynn Metzger-Hare

Maggie just loves Adi.  She is ecstatic when she hears him.  If she used words to speak, she'd no doubt say 'he's my soulmate.' We also think Adi is great.  He is thoroughly dedicated to the dogs; he truly loves them.  We would entrust Maggie to no one else when we go away.  We know that with him Maggie is getting not just the vigorous exercise she needs, but tons of love and attention. A friend who has seen them on the street and in the dog run says that Maggie completely responds to Adi's direction and that they are obviously having a lot of fun together. Of critical importance to anyone hiring someone to walk their dog, Adi is uniquely reliable.  He is never late, never sick, and should take more vacations.  The walkers who've worked for him over the years have also all been great dog lovers, and equally reliable. He wouldn't hire them if they weren't." - Maggie’s Owner

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