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Adi Molad, the owner of Three Dog Knight, used to be a volunteer dog-walker and a foster home for abandoned, injured and stray dogs for the New York chapter of the ASPCA.


After seeing with his own eyes so many abused, abandoned, sick and wounded dogs, Adi decided to start a business where he could make a difference in dog care something that mattered to him.


Now, Adi gets to see and work with dog owners who truly care for their pets, and see previously hurt dogs who are wonderfully cared for now. (This is also why he gives a 20% discount in the first six months, of the walking rates, to everyone whose dog was adopted from a shelter or pet rescue organization.)


Like Adi, we are driven by our desire to see abused, wounded, abandoned, injured and stray dogs restored and only the best Manhattan petsiter can do that. We would love to also make a difference in your dog’s life and improve its health. Over time we have been able to see previously hurt dogs who are wonderfully cared for now.


When we look back at our journey, we see hundreds of joyful dogs who are happy because of our commitment to daily dog boarding and being the best dog walker Upper West Side.


Owning a dog is a full-time responsibility, but many people today who love their dogs don’t have enough time to provide the level of care they would like to. Adi fills that gap and enables his customers to own and love their dogs without ever compromising their care.


Now, we have a growing staff team of dog walkers, dog boarding staff, veterinary doctors on call, and supervisors.

Our services are focused on Manhattan, for dog boarding Upper West Side and dog walking in New York City. It is a home to us and we care about every dog in the large loving neighborhood.

About Our Walkers


All of our dog walkers are dog lovers first and foremost because we understand caring for dogs require loving them. All our dog walkers are vetted through background checks and are tested and trusted. You can be sure your pet is in safe hands.


Since we operate a full-time dog walking services, our dog walkers are accustomed to working on regular and odd-time or even last-minute schedules. Like we said, our dog walkers are committed dog lovers.

You can safely say that we have the best dog walkers and best Manhattan petsitter, on the Upper West Side, and in New York City.

Currently, we have over 30 dedicated dog walkers who are experienced and knowledgeable about caring and walking dogs.


About our Dog Boarding Team


Best dog Boarding Nyc service requires a lot of attention, skill, and understanding. That is why all our team members are tested and trusted to be patient and detailed.

We have seen a lot of homeless dogs and we understand how to properly care for a dog such that he or she feels absolutely at home.

This is why our boarding team members are exceptional in administering dog care. They know how and when best to tuck your dog in or sing a beautiful lullaby.

The modern facility which houses more than 20 dogs at once in separate beds has over 15 staff members including nurses and a vet on call.

Three Dog Knight -Dog walking with man
Three Dog Knight - NYC
Three Dog Knight - NYC
Three Dog Knight - NYC