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The Afghan hound is a very interesting breed. First bred in Egypt and Afghanistan where they gained prestige for their hunting abilities and were later brought to the United Kingdom in 1925 by an English Officer. The breed was then moved into the USA in 1926. They made brilliant hunters of small prey in native Afghanistan; deer, goats, gazelle, alongside dangerous games such as wolves and leopards.
They maintained a reputation for speed as they usually outran other animals. They are known for their courage and ability to think swiftly and independently. The Afghan hound is considered to be a very old domestic breed. The elegance of this domestic dog made them highly desirable as quickly as they moved into the USA both for pet and show purposes.
The features of this breed include the long, silky fur that covers their body, very notably the top of its head. Their colors are mostly black or golden. They are easily recognizable because of their elongated head and muzzle along with their hip bones. Their faces are like black colored masks although it is said to vary sometimes. The Afghan hound is described to be aloof but happy, smart, and generally playful.