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The African Wild Dog also called the African hunting dog is a mammal of the Canidae family. It’s the only breed in its genus Lycaon. They are found in Africa most especially in Savana andsome other lightly wooded areas. The African wild dog is considered to be an endangered breed because there are only four populations remaining in Africa. Usually, these animals live in packs led by a dominant male and female and all the other members of the pack play a subordinate role. They are most commonly seen in Chobe National park and some in central Kalahari Game reserve. African Wild Dogs are high stamina runners and they can maintain a very fast pace over long distances. Unlike hyenas who are noisy feasters, the African Wild Dogs are restrained and very orderly at the kill. Their average litter size is between four to eight puppies, the puppies suckle for the first
three months of their lives before they learn to hunt.
They are vast hunters, hunting a lot because they require more meat relative to their size. They have a colorful coat of fur and feature unique patterns of red, black, yellow, brown, and white. Other unique characteristics are their rounded ears and muscular legs.