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Just as the name implies, the Africanis (an umbrella name for all aboriginal dogs in Southern Africa) is regarded as the true Dog of Africa, shaped in Africa for Africa. The earliest record of the Africanis was in South Africa and then later the dog was found in the lower Tugela valley and then in a Khosian settlement at Cape St Francis. The Africanis is a result of a natural selection coupled with physical and mental adaptations
to environmental conditions.
The Africanis considered a wise dog, appears simple in its medium-sized build; slender and well-muscled. It excels in agility and moves in a very natural and easy manner. It runs at a great speed as well. They are found in a wide range of colors and could have
Their head is wedge-shaped and their faces look very expressive. Their ears can either appear erect or dropping depending on the dog’s response or awareness to the environment.
A delightful fact about the Africanis is that it is consistently healthy and has over the years developed a natural resistance against internal and external parasites. The Africanis is not obtrusive but independent and trainable. It shows watchful territorial behavior but maintains a friendly personality.