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The Aidi dog is popularly believed to have been developed in the Atlas Mountain that extends 1500 miles across Northern Africa through Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria. It was later traded with nomads of that time who sojourned to the Pyrenees Mountains. Others believe that the Phoenicians; an ancient civilization centered in the coastal regions of modern-day Lebanon, Syria, and Northern Israel are responsible for creating the Aidi.

The Aidi dog is large, muscular, and walks authoritatively. It weighs about 50 to 60 pounds. It is always alert, vigilant, and this confirms its nature of being a protector of both Man and Animals. 

The thick double coat of the Aidi dog performs two functions; providing protection from extreme weather, the teeth of wolves, and other predators likewise. The hair of the coat is about 2-3 inches long and it covers every part of the body except the face and ears. Its bushy appearance at the back is due to the long hair that extends from its buttocks to its tail. 

Aidi dogs are known to be energetic dogs that find fulfillment in being active always, alert, and very watchful. They love to protect their masters, his possessions, and flock. Amazingly, they also have great scenting ability.