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Considered to be the toughest dog of the terrier family The Airedale Terrier often called Airedale was the first breed of dog to be used for police duties. It is a large dog with a dense coat and a softer undercoat.  It is long-legged with strong round bones that make for its agility and power.  

With its power, it can hunt a difficult game. On average, they weigh about 19 – 25 kilograms and the larger ones can weigh up to 55 kilograms. 

The Airedale Terrier has is a lively personality, protective and versatile. Sometimes it is stubborn but it’s an intelligent, playful, and adventurous dog. 

 The Airedale Terrier is thought to have originated From the Black and Tan Terrier or English Terrie in the valley of the River Aire, England.  It was bred by the hunters in Yorkshire to hunt small games like water rat. This dog has been crossed overtime to remove certain traits and has since managed to become a good family pet and the police dog. 

 Its average life span is 10 to 13 years. It demands vigorous exercise daily, long walks, energetic games, hunting in safe areas, to be an active dog.