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The Akbash Dog is a large dog, white in color, usually possessing brilliant sight and hearing ability. It is fast and very protective. The unique features of the Akbash dog includes the tucked waist, lean build, and a tail that curls over its back when its senses are sharpened. 

The male dogs weigh between 90 and 120 pounds while the females weigh between 75 to 100 pounds.  They have coats that can either be short or long, but they are double coated and the coat is heavy on the shedding side.

 The Akbash dog originates from Turkey and is still found there today. Originally they were chosen as protectors of livestock from predators with little supervision. They were first introduced in North America in the late 1970s, now they protect many kinds of livestock all over North America, Europe, and South America.  Naturally, they are animals that are inclined to not taking directions from humans and are rather independent which sometimes makes it difficult to train them. However, they are very loyal to their owners.

 The Akbash dogs attract dog lovers because of their beauty but the average dog owner may find it difficult to breed them.