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The Alangu Mastiff originated in parts of Rajasthan, the Bhawalpur area of Punjab and desert areas of Kutch. It is considered an ancient breed and like many ancient breeds their exact origin is not easily determined because of the lack of accurate documentation.

The Alangu Mastiff as with most other breeds is very large and mostly bred for performance. It gained recognition as a guard dog with its massive power, and an average weight of 150lbs. The head is quite big but not out of proportion with the rest of its body. It has ears that are wide apart and high atop the skull giving it an alert appearance. 

Like most fighting dogs, the Alangu Mastiff has a dominant and aggressive personality. It is fairly intelligent and highly territorial with strong and natural guarding instincts.  Because of its territorial nature it would not co-exist with other dogs and may even kill them but with proper and early socialization they can make an amenable companion for strong and responsible owners. 

The nature of the Alangu Mastiff generally would not make them suitable for homes or children. They are considered ‘blood-thirsty’ dogs, hence, they should be handled with great caution.