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The Alano Espanol is a called a Molosser; a molosser is a large sturdy dog originating from Molossia. Its primitive appearance and physiology fits it well especially for running at high speed and long distances. This dog features a well-proportioned body structure; the rib cage is not arched, not cylindrical, and the chest reaches elbow level with strong and solid shoulders. 

Its front legs are straight whether they are viewed from the front or side and they are stronger than the back legs. The paws are much larger than those of other dogs of the same size and weight. The muscles also are well developed and the back legs show well defined angles that end in strong feet. 

The thick tail of the Alano Espanol  is never cropped because it is used as a rudder when the dog is making sharp turns and dribbles. They are naturally resistant to a lot of diseases making them a healthy breed but do require a lot of exercise to keep them strong.

The Alano Espanol is a very controllable dog although serious and dominant. It is affectionate with family and very patient with children. They are obedient, fearless, and very loyal.