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Thinking about the best dog services near you?

So, who are you going to call when it’s that time of the week and you need a friend or dog service near you to help you out. 

Frankly speaking, in over 30 years of being in the business of fondly walking dogs and providing exceptional dog care services, there is nothing more precious to us than building a long-lasting relationship with customers and dogs. This is our primary motivation for providing the best dog services nearest to our customers.

Dog services are on the rise and it is usual to find quite a number around you. But our customers keep coming over and over. So, we decided to collate the three most common commendations we get and their reasons for continued patronage. 

Our top 50 clients revealed that:

  •   Their dogs had an unbreakable bond with us and simply would not feel fulfilled if another handler was hired
  •   They loved our dog walkers and customer service never had to worry when they handed their dogs over to us
  •   Our prices are very affordable in spite of high-quality services

Hear James T., one of our clients who has been with us for 9 years, “I have raised 3 different dog breeds in the past decade. Your dog walkers always did it like magic – they just knew what could make all the different breeds catch so much fun and stay safe. It’s incredible.”

We have not told half our story yet and I am sure if your dog were to read this, she would get mad at you if you did not call the best dog walker service you had around.

So, if we confirmed we were right in your neighborhood, who else would you call to give your dog the most exciting moments outdoors. We are not strangers, we are dog lovers!



Dog Walking Services Near Me


Getting a dog walking service near you can be pretty easier than you thought.

For us, it is not a question of “how long it would take?” It is rather “how fast you need a dog walking service?” 

Professional dog walking services near you that charge affordable prices can be that quick only if you are willing to call on us. We have outlets and loving dog walkers all around New York, just to begin with. Whether it is a quick booking or long term booking, we can get you your desired dog service.

This time, you need a caring, understanding, and very knowledgeable dog walker. Let us give you a hint about our associates. They are trained in the art of dog walking after they must have learned over 10 distinct characteristics of over 50 dog breeds common in the United States. You may also request for specialized dog walkers with specific knowledge of your breed. We are at your service.

In our business relationships, one of the most treasured substances is that our clients are treated with the utmost respect. We are very detailed when taking your instructions and we ensure quality business relationships by maintaining communication especially when we have your four-legged friend or family member.

Another treasured aspect of our relationship with clients is our bond with your dog. It is not just some profit-making scheme for us, we are truly interested in making your dog happy – very happy.



Dog Walker Upper West Side


 Upper West Side, Manhattan, NY, is one of our hotspot lists where we provide dog walking services for really affordable prices. For the love of dogs, we have caring dog walkers willing to take your dog for an exciting time out.

Our exceptional dog walking services in the Upper West Side are as flexible as you might expect. We are available companions for your dogs for morning rush outs, afternoon jolly, evening walks, and weekend sprees! We have got a lot in store for your cute dog.

Understandably, you will not always be around to look after your dog. We also understand that some days or weeks can get so busy even when you passionately desired to have some good time out of the house with your lovely dog. That is why we are here for you in Manhattan at the Upper West Side. Our solemn promise has been to be the best companion your dog ever has – after you.

Interestingly, our dog walkers are accustomed to handling different dog breeds and needs. You can trust us that almost nothing about your dog will take us by surprise (although we require you to disclose any material information about your dog). To ensure standard practice, we have many safeguards such as a veterinarian on call.

Do not fret, do not be anxious or worried, we got you today, this week, this month and for the whole year. Be our customer and let us be your dog’s companion. With one another, we would have fun all over Upper West Side, NY.