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Dog Boarding Near Me

Best Dog Caring

You want the best for your dog, but sometimes vacation or work travel takes you away for some time and you’re in search of a dog boarding service that can cater to the needs of your dog anytime you are away. We are right here to offer loving care for your companion that is both convenient and affordable while you’re away. Dog boarding with us offers so much more! 

Dog boarding with us is like a vacation for your darling pet. We provide a safe, fun environment for group play and we also offer all dogs their room for privacy and comfort.

We are fully staffed 24-hours a day with experienced and trusted professionals, so you can be sure your pet gets the attention and care it truly needs. We know you’re the best caregiver for your companion, but we make sure we are the best while you’re away, because we love dogs.

We offer amenities that simply aren’t available with most another dog boarding. All Day Play is available at no extra cost for socialized dog boarding guests. Individual Play is also available for companions that want more specialized attention.

Dog Boarding Prices

Affordable Dog Care

The price for dog boarding will depend on several factors, including what you want out of your dog’s boarding experience. It can cost anywhere from $15 per night to several hundred dollars per night depending on the accommodations and your geographic location. A lot of facilities offer discounts for long term stays and additional dogs.

 If you’re boarding your dog at a kennel, you will be spending about $25-$45 per night. Dog hotels are more expensive than kennels (starting around $50 per night, and sometimes spanning into several hundreds of dollars). Just like it is with a kennel, pricing for dog boarding in hotels depend on your geographic location.

You might want to spoil your dog and would prefer a more upscale boarding option you should consider a dog hotel. Dog hotels differ from dog kennels in that they have fancy deluxe facilities and top-notch services. Your dog will be getting a full five-star treatment. Some hotels do offer free pet stays, but a typical charge in dog hotels in New York is around $50 per pet per night.

Dog Hotel Near Me

Pet Friendly Care

Going on holiday or getting away for a short break with your dog can be expensive and difficult. You might love to take your four-legged friend along and allow them to share in the experience of somewhere new. Our dog hotel allows your pet to stay with you and they can share in your travel experience. If your pet is happy and content then it is easier for you to relax and enjoy yourself. Our hotel provides the best dog hotel experience for your pet with all of the love and attention you’d give.

Think of washed, clean, and comfortable bedspreads every night. It is a grand deluxe that we have prepared for your dog.

You can also customize your dog boarding experience at our hotel with a day at the spa and a new hairdo or request a daily rub down and extra snuggling for some additional love. At our Hotel, your dog’s needs and wants are met and surpassed, day and night, by a staff of caring professionals. We offer luxuries such as comfy beds, gourmet food, personal televisions, extra daily walks, lots of playtimes and 24-hour supervision. We want nothing more than to make your dog’s time away from home memorable. Don’t be surprised if your dog can’t wait to come back for another vacation!


Dog Kennels near me

A dog kennel is suited for your dog if he enjoys a quiet and serene environment. With the cozy home-like feel and quietness in our kennel, you can be sure your dog would be very relaxed.

If you are worried about missing your pet when you are away, you do not have to worry we can keep you updated with photos and messages of your dog having an amazing time during the dog boarding service period. You can even have a fun video call with your dog!

Designed so dogs can relax & indulge, run around our exercise yards, make new friends in doggy daycare our kennel is an amazing option for your dog. We specialize in the first time and long term boarders and our state-of-the-art, luxurious modern dog kennels are large and spacious. We also have an area dedicated to pet grooming areas where experienced pet stylists, massage therapists, and caregivers attend to your dog making sure your dog leaves feeling relaxed, and pampered.

Your dog would be fed with premium dog nutrition when boarded at our kennel ensuring we help maintain your pet’s healthy lifestyle.

Enjoy your holiday, knowing your dog is having as good a time as you are having.