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Upper West Side Doggies


For inquiries about arranging the walking of your dog, please call (212) 724-1379 or, fill out this form.

If you need more persuasion, click here to see what others have to say about our services.

Based on the info you provide, we will fit your dog’s requested walking time in our schedule.

We will, then, contact you to discuss the possible engagement in further details and answer questions you might have.

30 Min. Walk(s)60 Min. Walk(s)
Once a DayTwice a DayThree Times or More Per Day

Please choose a 2 hr. window(s) as a requested walking time.

We guaranty to have your dog picked to get out within this window.

Between 9 - 11amBetween 10am - noonBetween 11am - 1pmBetween noon - 2pmBetween 1 - 3pmBetween 2 - 4pmBetween 3 - 5pmBetween 4 - 6pm
Yesterday (ASAP)Next WeekNext MonthNot Sure