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Please note: (a) You will be able to find cheaper services than ours.

(b) You will be able to find cheaper automobiles than Cadillac and Mercedes-Benz.




Between 8 am and 6 pm

$20.00 for 30 minutes

$30.00 for 60 minutes

Our Discount Categories:

There’s a 20% discount for the first six months, for each week that we will be performing five or more walks if you adopted your dog(s) from a shelter or rescue organization.


Special Rates: 

  •  For multiple dogs from the same house, please add $5.00 per dog to the above prices.
  • For guaranteed one-on-one walks, please add $10.00 to the above prices.


365 days a year

ADULTS:   $70.00 per day (24 hours)

Discount Categories:


33% discount for each additional dog from the same home. Reservations are greatly appreciated, but a deposit is not required.

No additional charges for any special needs, such as administering medications, a bedtime story, etc. Please supply enough dog food, treats and medications your dog will require for the  length of the stay.


Free pick-up and drop-off for upper Westside doggies.

We also provide dog walking services all across New York. Feel free to ask us any questions on our rates or anything else.

Three Dog Knight - Upper West Side Dog Walker
Three Dog Knight - New York Dog Walker
Three Dog Knight - NYC
Three Dog Knight - NYC
Three Dog Knight - NYC