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Dogs require stimulation and an outlet for their energy, and our mission during each walk is to playfully exhaust your dog. If you visit a dog-run, you can recognize our dog walkers as they are the ones playing with the dogs, making sure the dogs are not eating “stuff”, and closely supervising playtime so that rough play and wrestling never escalates into a fight.

The best dog walkers near you are not necessarily the ones who charge the least or have the best marketing strategies. No NYC dog walking service owes her clients any responsibility greater than giving your dog an exciting and fulfilling time with the necessary care and love. These qualities are what set us apart from the rest. We are crazy about dogs and would do everything to make sure your dog is comfortable but has lots of exercises, sight-seeing, fun, and
many more.


Typical walks are 30 or 60 minutes in length (your choice), and discounts are offered if you have multiple dogs. There are no minimums and the schedule is totally up to you. You can request walks twice a day, once a week…or even once a year. It’s best to reserve a time for your dog’s walk, but we try to be flexible and can usually handle last-minute walks.


Why would you settle with a pet sitter when you know your dog loves to exercise at least twice a day and stroll across the neighborhood? We have the best NYC dog walkers in Manhattan and the Upper West Side (UWS). This means that you can easily get your preferred dog walker to take your dog either for just a stroll or to a loved destination at any time you desire..


Our walkers are dog lovers and they are all thoroughly skilled and vetted. They can take on any breed, size or color and deliver them safely after having their fill of the time out. During inclement weather, what we do is depends on your dog and your wishes. If your dog is indifference to rain, cold, heat or snow, we go out and try to take a walk in Manhattan’s worst weather making it fun and enjoyable experience.


If your dog doesn’t enjoy inclement weather, we will take a short “relief” walk around the block, then spend the rest of the designated walk time playing with your dog at home. It is not easy being the best dog boarding NYC but we love our job so it shows. The feedback we receive from our clients is that we are the best new york petsitter.


To Place your dog(s) on our walking schedule, please fill out the form in “Lets Do It” page.


Dog Boarding


You no longer have to feel guilty, boarding your dog when you travel. We provide boarding with all the comforts of home in a modern, air-conditioned apartment just half a block from Central Park and only a seven-block walk to two different dog runs.


We never crate or cage your dog (unless you specifically request it) and boarding includes four walks per day (one for 45 to 60 minutes, and the other three for 20-30 minutes each), even administering any required medications, at no extra charge. (You supply the food and medications.) We are always there for your dog, and not only will he or she receive plenty of love and unlimited of TLC, TV, Netflix, and Wi-Fi. And we offer reduced rates for additional dogs boarding from the same home.


Affordable dog boarding is available any day that your dog needs a safe, secure, friendly home away from home, 365 days a year. Reservations are greatly appreciated, but we usually do not require a deposit, (Except for the months of July and August and the six major holidays) and if you need to cancel, there is no charge. We also make every effort to accommodate last minute boarding for those unexpected business trips or spur of the moment weekend getaways.Daily dog boarding requirements with


Three Dog Knight, your dog must:

(1) Be non-aggressive and friendly to other dogs;
(2) Not be a compulsive barker;
(3) Be up to date on vaccination as per New York law;
(4) Be neutered or spayed if an adult.


Exception: unspayed females will be accepted if they are not in heat or about to go into heat.

The above requirements also assure you that any other dogs boarding with yours will meet the same requirements, to preserve a peaceful, healthy, and happy environment. We are the best dog boarding services we have worked very hard to reach we put our foot down so
everybody has a great and safe experience.



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