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The Alopekis is an ancient dog breed developed in Greece. It dates as far back as the days of Aristotle and Aristophanes. It was nicknamed the “small fox” because its name – Alopekis – implies “fox-like”.

The Alopekis is a small dog but was bred to carry out domestic tasks such as tracking and elimination of rats and house rodents. It was also used as a watchdog for poultry and to protect livestock such as sheep. It possesses quite a lot of strength for its size and very brave when defending its territory.

An Alopekis typically has a wedge-shaped head which is slightly domed in structure. It has pricked ears and a short but smooth coat. It parades in white colors, brown or black patches, a mix of black and white markings or either of the two colors. It is relatively small in height with a range of 7 to 11 inches.

Very energetic, less aggressive, and very easy-going with other pets or animals, the Alopekis was used for many years by livestock farmers as under-shepherds.