The Affenpischer is a rare dog breed that bears a striking resemblance with the monkey family. They are dogs that are very hairy, small in size but can be scary or fierce with looks.

Affenpischer is generally a ratter and they tend to be very aggressive with household rodents. They have a wiry fur and carry an “apish look”. Because of its looks, the Affenpischer has been described as a “monkey dog”.

The history of the Affenpinscher dates as far back as the 17th century.

Behavioral traits:

One of the most prominent traits of the Affenpischer is its loyalty. The Affen is a loyal companion and so generous with its loyalty by extending it to family members and close members. It is also known to be very entertaining, energetic, and willful.

Another prominent behavior is the domineering attitude of this unique breed. It is pretty hard to housetrain an Affenpinscher. Partnering with the Affen is the best way to enjoy companionship. Patience is also key to building a good relationship with the Affenpinscher. But the Affenpinscher breed is a great companion and always great fun to be with.