American Akita

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Originating in the Ontate in the Akita prefecture on the island of Honshu, the American Akita takes its name from its origin. It is also called Spitz breed and was developed in Japan after years of mating to arrive at the Japanese standard. 

As a Northern breed, it comes with a warm double coat suitable for cold climates. The coat acts as insulation against the cold as well as protection against summer heat. It spreads its fur once to twice a year and its broad head forms a blunt triangle with a deep muzzle.

It is classified as a working breed of dog used for hunting, sledding, and protecting the family. Rugged and powerful, it is an enchanting animal born with leadership instincts. It is an intelligent, independent, protective and loyal dog and does require a stable and dynamic master.

The American Akita is an instinctive guard dog and does not need any special training as it could become aggressive. It is a very friendly dog with children and even other animals but it should be supervised when with children. American Akitas do well with proper training and socialization and comfortably fit into urban and rural settings.