American Bulldog

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The American Bulldog originated in England and was commonly used as a working dog, for catching cattle, and also guarding property until he became the cherished breed in a sport known as bull baiting. The American Bulldog was almost extinct by the end of World War II, but a few devout breeders decided to revive the breed. 

The American Bulldog shares common temperament with the English Bulldog although it is larger. When gentle and affectionate, he is considered a big lap dog. Being a confident dog and a loyal dog, he always looks out for his human friends. They perform best when trained from a tender age with an owner that allows them to express their leadership abilities. 

A breed with strong mental alertness and protective instincts – the American Bulldog are famous for their heroic acts. It weighs about 60 to 120pounds and has an average height of 20 to 28 inches.

It requires minimal grooming and care, but plenty of regular outdoor exercise, especially if it leaves in an apartment setting to prevent boredom. They generally live about 10 to 16 years and are generally considered a healthy breed, although they may have some genetic issues like kidney disorder.