Also referred to as AWS for short, American Water Spaniels is a unique dog-breed originally discovered and grown in Wisconsin, U.S. It is quite a popular dog used for all kinds of dog-sports and activities including hunting.

This breed of Spaniels is medium in size with an average height between 15” to 18” and is recognized by its thick brown fur. 

Historically, the AWS was developed in the 19th Century with other comparative breeds such as the Irish Water Spaniel and English Water Spaniel.

With its natural features and abilities such as survival in extreme climate conditions and landscape, the AWS is suited for a walk on icy waters or muddy grass. Its feet are thickly padded and can endure marshy landscapes. Another distinct feature for the AWS is its thick, curly, brown coat.

The AWS has many lovely behavioral traits. It is quite friendly, obedient/trainable, and has an accurate instincts when hunting. It is also very energetic and an excellent duck and waterfowl retriever. 

Many dog owners and lovers appreciate the unique traits of the AWS and is usually one of the top choices for dog-sports lovers and hunters.