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Dam dogs simply refer to female dog parents. A dam is the mother of a puppy or puppies. They produce litters and a litter can range from one to several puppies. Dams usually reproduce litters ranging from one to a dozen puppies and usually birth them in a whelping box. Unlike a bitch, a dam is not just a female dog but a female dog that has been mated and reproduced. Not all dam dogs have proven their ability to produce high-quality healthy litter. Dogs that have shown that they can reproduce healthy litter are referred to as proven dogs. Dams and sires can become proven dogs only after they produce a disease-free litter. For a dam to be considered a proven breeder dog, she needs to be an overall mother.
Dams can be considered to be caring for dogs as they are responsible for nurturing and feeding their puppies. At the time of giving birth, they are ready and excited to breastfeed their young ones. Unlike humans the dam is not emotional at motherhood and does not nurture weakness in a puppy, she might help the puppy a few times but she certainly has no regard for weakness.