Ear mites in Dogs

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Ear mites scientifically referred to as Otodectes Cynotis Mites is a relatively mild parasite infection. Complications may arise if the animal has hypersensitivity that results in intense irritation of its ear.
A dog with ear mite will scratch its ears excessively and shake its head over and over sometimes pulling out their hair. Some dogs will shake their heads so much so that a hematoma of the ear flap will form. Ear mites are highly contagious and can be passed from mom to litter.
The following are other symptoms of ear mites;

  •  Black or thick red-brown crusts in the outer ear.
  •  Hearing loss.
  • Abrasions and scratches on the back-side of the ears.
    It can be diagnosed by the veterinarian after a physical exam has been conducted on the dog and a sample of material is examined from the ear.
    They can be treated with medication designed to kill the mites on an outpatient basis. Because this disease is very contagious all animals in the household should be treated and the environment should be cleaned thoroughly to get rid of the parasite. The dog’s ear should then be cleaned with an ear cleaner designed for dogs.