Feral Dog

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Feral dogs are dogs that live without human contact. They are sometimes referred to as free- ranging dogs or street dogs. They might start out looking domestic digs but over time their behaviors change. They tend to be frightened or very chary of humans. They might have no
contact with humans before or had had unpleasant contact.
Some of them were just born on the streets, some used to be fighting dogs and become abandoned when they are no longer able to fight. They could also come from puppy mills where the puppy owners just released them to the street so they are not found with too many puppies. Feral dogs in urban areas become scavengers eating waste and garbage. They do not hunt and even when they get to hunt they have no idea know what to do with the prey. In rural settings, feral dogs do hunt because food sources are scarce and so they may hunt as a pack.
They can be infected with several diseases such as fleas, mange and rabies and, can be a threat to domestic dogs. When found they should be taken into rehabilitation and given proper care and medication.