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Galgo Espanol is an ancient breed of dog and a member of the sighthound family. Their name ‘Galgo’ is derived from the Latin Canis Gallicus. They were first developed in the Castillian plains in the North and the South of Castilla. Afterward, they were found in more southern territories; Andalusia and Lamancha. They became the typical dog of the Spanish terror.
The Galgo Espanol is higher in the rear than the front and they have flat muscling which is a common feature of endurance runners. They are also smaller and lighter in build with longer nails and long streamlined head that makes their ears appear very large. They come in two coats and their coats provide extra protection from possible skin injuries while running on the field.
They are calm, gentle, laid back, quiet and don’t mind sleeping all through the day. They are generally cat lovers and are friendly towards other dogs. They tolerate the enthusiastic attention of children well but sometimes can be shy and reserved. Just like many other slight hounds, the Galgo Espanol is a fairly healthy breed although they are sensitive to Anesthesia. They must run regularly so they can be in perfect health.