Knuckling Over in Dogs

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Knuckling over is described as the dragging of a dog’s paw when it walks. The weight-bearing part of the body is unable to support the total body weight due to the lack of firmness in the dog’s muscles and tendons. It is a problem associated with the neurology of the dog.
Every dog tends to develop this problem. The common causes of this problem include:
● Sore paws
● Carpal flexural deformity
● Degenerative myelopathy
● Fibrocartilaginous embolism
● Intervertebral disc disease
These diseases can range from minor to severe; therefore, infected dogs should be inspected by the vet to be safe. Some of them could be fatal, and some others can improve as long as the dogs are treated on time.
Dog owners need to observe their dogs when they are walking and look out for any signs of unsteadiness. The dog can be asked to stand so the paws can be checked and determined if they are knuckling over. Knuckling over can be very extreme such that all the legs begin to bend as though they are made of rubber. Knuckling over can be corrected if noticed early.